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Acoustic Panels SidEXALT: An Innovative Solution for Interior Acoustics

Inspired by European Claire-Voie Design

The SidEXALT model, created by SIDEX experts, draws inspiration from European claire-voie design. Popular among architects and designers, this style involves spacing wooden slats to create a unique visual depth effect. Unlike traditional claire-voie, SidEXALT is tongue-and-groove, making it better suited to the Quebec climate. Its deep joint replicates the spacing between slats, offering a unique aesthetic effect without compromising the stability of the panelling.


Optimal Acoustic Performance

SidEXALT acoustic slats combine the aesthetics of European claire-voie with practical and fast installation thanks to its tongue-and-groove assembly system. First, SidEXALT's acoustic panelling takes advantage of wood's excellent natural sound absorption capabilities. Then, the innovative profile, combined with the addition of a felt strip at the bottom of the cavity, makes it a leading choice for improving the acoustics of your space. Indeed, adding this sound-absorbing felt strip improves acoustic absorption by 60% to 125% depending on the width of the panels. These acoustic wall panels offer a modern and timeless look while providing exceptional acoustic performance.



Personalization and Versatility

SidEXALT acoustic panels are available in several wood species, including white cedar, red cedar, and white pine. You can also choose from different combinable widths (4’’, 6’’, and 8’’) to meet your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, this acoustic panelling can be customized with the application of any color to perfectly suit your decor. This versatility allows for the creation of a practical and elegant result, combining functionality and aesthetics.


Adaptability to Different Spaces

Versatile, SidEXALT acoustic slats are suitable for a variety of spaces, such as homes, workspaces, conference rooms, banks, corporate lobbies, theaters, restaurants, and much more. In a post-pandemic context, individuals have become more sensitive to surrounding noises. This heightened sensitivity is particularly pronounced in open-plan workspaces, where "auditory fatigue" can quickly set in. SidEXALT acoustic panels thus prove to be an effective solution for attenuating these noise nuisances and improving the acoustic comfort of interior spaces.


In summary, SidEXALT acoustic slats offer an innovative solution for interior acoustics, inspired by the popular design of European claire-voie. Their tongue-and-groove design and the addition of a felt strip ensure optimal sound absorption while offering a modern and timeless look. Customizable and suitable for various spaces, these panels meet current acoustic comfort needs.

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