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Spruce is an ideal species for exterior cladding, offering all the character of wood at an affordable price, as well as a wide range of board widths and lengths.

Cedar has the advantage of being rot-proof, insect-proof and very stable. Their natural color is unique and contains many shades of color. White cedar is more uniform, so it's used with both opaque and semi-transparent finishes, while red cedar (more tannic and nuanced) is more suitable for semi-transparent staining, which highlights it more. White cedar is often chosen for ecological projects and contributes to LEED certification, since it is sourced locally. However, its planks are shorter and narrower, given the tree's natural characteristics.

No product or material exposed to the elements is truly maintenance-free. For example, even your car, which is made of plastic and metal, requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure its longevity. The advantage of wood siding is that it's easy to maintain, unlike some synthetic materials, which have to be replaced when damaged. Consult the wood siding maintenance chart prepared by the experts at SIDEX.

However, some finishes require less maintenance than others. See our maintenance-free siding page for product details.

For more information on the benefits of wood siding, see our article on the subject.

Like any other type of siding, an annual cleaning is recommended to remove any dirt that may have settled on it, and to inspect any repairs that may be necessary. The Maintenance Guide contains all the best practices in this respect.

Re-staining is also recommended at different intervals depending on the type of finish.

Staining frequency varies according to the type of finish. To keep the warranty in force, an additional coat of stain should be applied halfway through the warranty period, at least on south-facing surfaces, since they are more exposed to the sun than other surfaces.

Please note that it is more difficult to recreate the effect of the two-tone factory finish once the siding has been installed. Contact our advisors for more details.

Before staining, in most cases, a simple cleaning is required to remove dirt and dust that could interfere with stain adhesion. No sanding is required.

Several factors can influence the durability of a finish. First, there's the color, since a color containing more pigments will be more durable, while a lighter or "natural" color containing almost no pigments will require more maintenance.

Also, the type of architecture, compliance with installation instructions, solar orientation and the building's general environment (trees, shading, roof overhang, wind, waterfront, etc.) will have a major influence on the durability of the finish.

Any brand of quality acrylic-based stain designed for exterior wood siding is suitable. You can also purchase the same product used initially on your SIDEX siding, in the original color or the color of your choice, by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

Although there are a number of technical aspects to consider, installation is relatively simple. Whether the siding is installed by a homeowner or an expert, it is essential that it be installed as described in our installation guide for warranties to apply.

You can have any color applied to your siding. Whether it's a reference from a major company (Gentek, Sico, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.) with the same type of finish (semi-transparent or opaque) or a new color to be developed, there are no limits.

Our team will send you a siding sample covered with your personalized finish so you can see and approve the final result before your order goes into production.

Design your wood siding today!

In addition to having the color customized, SIDEX offers you the possibility of having a 100% customized product made to your specifications: species, dimensions, profile, length, we can make anything to order (minimum quantities may be required).

As we are known for our higher length ratios, we have chosen to leave this specification optional.

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