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SIDEX for professionals

Genuine wood siding for professionals

At SIDEX, we understand your reality. That's why we offer a personalized support service for you or your customers. You can count on our team of experts to cover all the technical and aesthetic aspects of the product. With us, your projects are in good hands.

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Architectural wood siding

For architects

SIDEX offers customized wood cladding for residential and commercial projects. Products of great distinction, capable of faithfully reproducing heritage models. Trust our expertise to enhance your architectural creations with our superior quality products.

Wood Siding Manufacturer

For contractors

Our expert advisors are the backbone of your sidings projects. They'll be there every step of the way, recommending the best products for each customer's specific needs. You can count on a turnkey service that's fast and tailored to your construction or renovation projects.

High-end wood siding

For designers

By working with our premium wood siding line, designers have access to a wide range of unique, high-quality wood claddings. Whether you're looking to enhance an interior or exterior design, we're sure to have the product you need. Whatever the project, we help bring every customer's construction or renovation dreams to life.

Custom sidings

Our custom wood sidings are THE solution for those looking to create a unique and elegant space. Manufactured with great precision, our cladding is tailored to the specifications and preferences of each customer. High-quality products guarantee exceptional durability and beauty for years to come.

Unrivalled support

We advise you before, during and after your project to give you confidence and help you make the right choices. We evaluate each project with you to recommend the right product in the right place, because we believe that choosing the right materials is integral to the beauty of a construction or architectural renovation project.

Fast turnaround

We offer fast service, with the aim of satisfying you as you go through the various stages of your construction or renovation project. We're renowned for our ability to adapt and produce. Request your quote online today.

Sidings for every project

A variety of aesthetic and durable choices

Opt for a natural, timeless touch. Our unique exterior siding products offer a variety of aesthetic choices. With their superior quality, our high-end products are durable and weather-resistant, offering a long-term cladding solution for your project.

Opt for a warm, classic look. Our unique interior coverings offer a variety of choices, for every décor. It's the ideal option for small and large spaces alike.

SidEXALT Acoustic, a product unique to SIDEX, is perfect for all soundproofing needs. It's the elegant solution that combines the aesthetics of European clerestory with utility.

Every project is unique, and our experts are here to help you every step of the way.
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