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SIDEX Group is a Quebec company specializing in the manufacture of exterior and interior sidings. To ensure the quality of all their products, the company manages all stages of production. From its plant in Magog, SIDEX Group transforms red cedar, white cedar and spruce into premium exterior siding materials. In addition, SIDEX is proudly the most important specialist in cedar siding in Quebec.

Exterior cedar siding

SIDEX offers two species of cedar: red and white. Both species are known for their durability and great physical stability. This feature prevents twisting and cracking of the siding in the future. In addition, cedars have good rot-proof (do not rot) and insect repellent (repel insects) qualities. These essences are resistant to bad weather and change very little in size with the seasons.

Exterior siding in red cedar

Its origin: The red cedar used by the SIDEX Group comes from Western Canada.

Its appearance: There are two texture options for red cedar: knotty or clear of knots. Light knotted cedar offers a more streamlined, modern look, but it is also more expensive. Regardless of the texture, red cedar has a rich coloring and the natural grain of the wood is clearly visible. In order not to hide the natural beauty of red cedar, SIDEX experts recommend the use of a semi-transparent finish. However, this finish is thinner than the others and thus protects the wood for less time. Additional layers of protection should be applied every five years to prevent wear and tear on the wood.

Exterior siding in white cedar

Its origin: The white cedar used by SIDEX comes from Eastern Canada, particularly Quebec and the Maritimes.

Its appearance: Just like red cedar, there are two texture options for white cedar, either knotty or clear of knots. However, since this essence is more even and paler than red cedar, the knotty wood also creates modern, clean looks. In addition, the coloring of white cedar being lighter and uniform, this species lends itself well to all finishes. In addition, white cedars generally have a smaller diameter than other species. The white cedar planks are therefore narrower.

Its ecological aspect: Since white cedar comes from the greater Quebec region, the materials travel a shorter distance between the forest and the work site. Their ecological footprint is therefore lower than species originating outside Quebec.

Spruce exterior siding

SIDEX quality: SIDEX spruce siding is a premium product. Unlike other companies in the industry, our spruce boards are 100% pure. We do not mix this essence with pine or fir.

Its origin: The spruce trees used by the SIDEX Group come mainly from Quebec. Like white cedar, this characteristic decreases the ecological footprint of gasoline.

Its appearance: Spruce is a pale, very uniform wood. Easy to work with, this essence lends itself well to all finishes.

Its resistance: Spruce is a less stable wood than cedar and may wear out more quickly in the long term. However, it is much more affordable than other species. The spruce tree thus allows homeowners to benefit from several advantages of wood at a more affordable price.

Available sizes: SIDEX Group offers a very wide choice and great versatility for the widths and length ratios of spruce planks. In addition, the Quebec company guarantees that 75% of the spruce boards will be 14 or 16 feet long.

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