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SIDEX is Quebec’s leading manufacturer of cedar siding. For almost fifteen years, we have shaped this noble species with unrivalled expertise and care, to create unique, high-quality siding that meet our client’s expectations.

Cedar: a wise choice for siding

Cedar is more than just a wood species to us. It’s our real passion, whether it is Eastern white or Western red. SIDEX is a proud ambassador for this sustainable resource that represents a wise siding solution. Moving beyond its naturally rich colour, cedar offers a number of significant technical characteristics that make it a proven siding option:

  • Sustainable
  • Rot-proof
  • Insect-repellent
  • Mechanically stable (shrinkage, twisting, cracking)
  • Versatile – for both design and finish

Cedar, the species preferred by architects

These reasons are why architects prefer cedar. When a project calls for cedar siding (Eastern white and Western red) and/or cedar shingles, SIDEX’s team of specialists is the professional’s partner of choice. Whatever the task at hand – bringing out the rich nuances in the colour of the wood, developing a custom siding profile or reproducing time-honoured heritage components – our unique expertise and customization skills make SIDEX the “go-to” supplier in Quebec.

Opt for the cedar specialist: choose SIDEX

Have you fallen for cedar, with its many benefits, and chosen it for your exterior siding? Let us guide you through your construction or renovation project. Our team of experts can work closely with you to select the appropriate type of cedar (white or red) and customize your siding (profile, finish, coating and color).

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