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SidEXALT | An Innovation by Sidex

Since innovation is at the heart of SIDEX Group's concerns, our experts have worked on the development of a brand-new real wood siding model: SidEXALT. Promising to fuel your creativity, SidEXALT is unique in Quebec and will undoubtedly distinguish your project and turn heads.

What is the SidEXALT model?

The SidEXALT model, the design of which was developed by the professionals of SIDEX Group, owes its inspiration to the European ‘’claire-voie’’ model. Increasingly popular with architects, ‘’claire-voie’’ consists of spacing out the wooden slats leaving a glimpse of the underlay in order to create an unusual depth effect and accentuate the relief of the siding. The SidEXALT model is an innovative version adapted to the Quebec climate. This model is designed to visually reproduce this spacing by a very deep joint, while being indeed nested, unlike the ‘’claire-voie’’ model. Thus, SidEXALT is more suited to the Quebec climate. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, SidEXALT provides a trendy look reminiscent of the spacing between the slats, while ensuring the stability of the siding and allowing a simplified installation without visible fasteners.

What are the characteristics of the SidEXALT model?

First, SidEXALT has increased thickness to provide more stability. This aspect is also practical for soundproofing purposes, both for outdoor and indoor use. While other real wood exterior siding is typically 5/8 ‘" (16mm) thick, SidEXALT is 1-¼ "(32mm) thick.

In addition, SidEXALT is distinguished by its very wide double-slope square joint which allows optimized drainage. These slopes make such a deep joint possible since it is then easy for water to drain away rather than stagnate in the joints and thus deteriorate your siding.

The fixings of the SidEXALT model are concealed, thanks to a fastening system provided for this purpose.

The installation of the SidEXALT model can be done vertically or horizontally, depending on the style you want to give to your project.

In addition, as mentioned above, SidEXALT can be used both indoors and outdoors, which increases its application possibilities. When it comes to the interior, whether on the wall or on the ceiling, its soundproofing properties and unique design are interesting qualities to use in your decor.

What options are available with SidEXALT?

SidEXALT is available in the 3 species the company still offers: Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar and Spruce.

In addition, SIDEX Group can design your SidEXALT model in 3 widths: 4 ", 6" and 8 ". But that's not all! You should know that these widths can also be combined! You can therefore add even more uniqueness to the look of your creation by a random installation according to your creativity.

The possible finishes are also the 3 finishes offered by SIDEX Group for all their other real wood products, namely raw, brushed and sanded finishes.

Regarding the finishes offered by SIDEX Group, these are opaque, two-tone and semi-transparent finishes. For more information on the distinctions between these types of finishes, we invite you to consult our blog article about SIDEX finishes.

Finally, as always, SIDEX Group offers its customers the possibility of designing a custom color for their siding for them, at no additional cost. Otherwise, a standard color chart is also available. In any case, your wood siding will be unique and reflect your aspirations!

For more information about SIDEX products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us!

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