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Very recently, we decided to take a look at one of the very first achievements of SIDEX Group. Founded in 2006 under the name Groupe Concept PV, the company designed the real wood siding of this still resplendent property on Sherbrooke Street in Magog. Note that the siding has never been repainted since! A great pride for the company, which always puts the quality of its products at the heart of its priorities.

The property

The durability of real wood siding is not for nothing. The two-storey building that we are presenting to you is clad in spruce siding. The declining model with exposed nails is 6 inches wide, providing a classic look to the building. We can still see today the beauty of its raw texture and its opaque finish, a blue color still alive after all these years. With its corners and moldings in a soft beige color, this property has retained a current look that in no way betrays the years that have passed since its construction.

There is no secret

We know that the texture, whether raw, brushed or sandblasted, plays a role in the adhesion of the stain. The more embossed the wood finish, the more protection will hold in place.

In addition, the opaque finish is the most resistant before the 2-tone and the semi-transparent, because the protection it offers is increased. In fact, since it is the dyes, which are made up of solids, that form a barrier against aggressors towards the finish (UV), and the opaque finish is the one that contains the most, it offers the most lasting protection.

So, this combination of the opaque finish and a raw finish has allowed our real wood siding to remain so beautiful for almost 15 years now!

Real wood and durability, it can be!

Wood in itself is a very durable material. Moreover, it is common to see centuries-old buildings with real wood siding. All that is required is that the siding is properly installed and then basic maintenance is carried out over time. When it comes to the durability of your siding, it's often more about the stain than the wood itself. As mentioned above, the durability of the stain depends on a few factors, related as much to the siding itself as to the characteristics of your property. For example, it is important to consider its exposure to the sun, to bad weather and its architecture. That being said, our guarantees, which you can consult on our website, testify to the expected durability according to the characteristics mentioned above.

Among all of its ecological, aesthetic, insulating, etc. advantages, wood also offers the advantage of being able to be re-stained if the need or desire arises - a high quality which contributes to its versatility. Unlike other types of siding, you can re-stain your wood when you feel the need to refresh it rather than having to completely change your siding. You will also have the option to do so if you feel like changing your style or updating the look of your property after several years. Thus, the long-term cost price for your siding is more advantageous.

To consult other projects carried out by SIDEX Group, you can visit our Projects page.

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