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White Cedar Siding

Everything you need to know about white cedar

If you're looking for a durable species that can stand the test of time, white cedar is certainly a good choice. At SIDEX, we offer a selection of top-quality cedars to meet your exterior siding needs.

Find out how it differs from red cedar by consulting the information below.

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SIDEX white cedar siding is proudly sourced in Eastern Canada (Quebec and the Maritimes) and processed at our Magog plant.

Two criteria will guide your decision. First, visually, clear cedar siding offers a much cleaner, more modern look than knotty cedar siding. However, its cost is much higher, as each plank is meticulously selected. Your budget may therefore have an impact on your decision.

Because its color is more uniform than that of red cedar, an opaque finish is more suitable. All types of finish can therefore be applied to white cedar. The frequency of maintenance, i.e. the minimum number of years before a new coat of stain is added, and the visibility of the wood grain will guide your decision as to the ideal finish for your project.

White cedar is chosen primarily for its ecological credentials. Because it's sourced in Eastern Canada, it has far fewer miles to travel than red cedar, which comes from Western Canada, before being processed and installed. Its high stability and resistance to decay make it the cladding of choice.

However, due to the natural characteristics of the tree itself (diameter and geometry), it offers fewer possibilities in terms of widths and lengths (ratios) than red cedar. The choice of models and widths is therefore more limited than with other species.

Cedars offer many advantages if you're looking for durable quality that easily stands the test of time. Because they are rot-resistant and insect-repellent, they are more resistant to weather and environmental threats.

Cedars are also more physically stable, making them less likely to warp or crack over time. Variations in humidity and outside temperature cause what's known as dimensional variation in wood, causing it to expand and shrink slightly with the seasons. The composition of cedar planks ensures that this dimensional variation is kept to a minimum.

The tannins that give cedar siding these interesting advantages are, however, the same ones that need to be controlled during finishing to limit their counterparts. That's why SIDEX products are processed in a controlled environment from start to finish, and why our company has developed this expertise over the last 15 years.

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SIDEX siding products can completely transform the appearance of your home. With modern, elegant designs, these claddings add a touch of sophistication and style to your property.

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Like any other type of siding, an annual cleaning is recommended to remove any dirt that may have settled on it, and to inspect any repairs that may be necessary. The Maintenance Guide contains all the best practices in this respect.

Re-staining is also recommended at different intervals depending on the type of finish.

Although there are a number of technical aspects to consider, installation is relatively simple. Whether the siding is installed by a homeowner or an expert, it is essential that it be installed as described in our installation guide for warranties to apply.

In addition to having the color customized, SIDEX offers you the possibility of having a 100% customized product made to your specifications: type, dimensions, profile, length, we can make anything to order (minimum quantities may be required).

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