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Choosing the best exterior siding for your project can sometimes be a headache. However, we are pleased to provide you with a comparison table for exterior siding, which will be useful for you to evaluate the different options, according to your needs. Separated into three distinct categories that group together several criteria such as maintenance, durability and price, to name a few, this table was designed with the input of several industry specialists working in various types of siding. It allows to assign a score according to 23 criteria to five different materials: real wood, engineered wood, metal, fiber cement and vinyl.

The comparative table


Aesthetic aspects

The first category includes aesthetic aspects. As you can see, whether for its nobility, real wood siding brings together all the qualities that one can seek to enrich your project. In fact, personalizing your real wood siding is easily accessible with SIDEX since the options for species, profiles, patterns, finishes and colors are numerous. To explore all these options, you can try our creation module or visit our website under exterior wood siding tab.

The technical aspects

The second category illustrates the properties of the various exterior siding according to their technical aspects. It is possible to observe that real wood stands out for its impressive insulating and soundproofing performance as well as for its respect for the environment, among other things. Unlike other materials, it also offers the option of being repainted rather than changed if the original color is no longer suitable for you, which is a great opportunity to update your siding when the day comes when you feel like a change. This is a huge advantage considering that the durability of real wood siding spans many years.

The economic aspects

The last category describes the economics of these siding. We note that the long-term cost price of real wood siding ranks among the most economical, along with vinyl. Backed by a 50-year guarantee against wood rotting, SIDEX sidings promise you a higher long-term cost price than most other sidings, among other things because it offers maintenance possibilities that avoid changing your siding repeatedly.

Global appreciation

Basically, real wood siding wins with a score almost twice that of engineered wood, and three times that of vinyl and metal. The aesthetic and technical aspects are those that highlight the advantages and qualities of real wood siding the most. Noble, durable and customizable, it ensures a unique project that will turn heads.

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