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Accessible collection of wood sidings

SIDACCESS, a beneficial program

The SIDACCESS program is our way of supporting you in your construction projects by providing competitive and efficient solutions.

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Spruce wood sidings

We have carefully selected some of the most popular and cherished spruce wood products among our customers, especially for you. Enjoy the benefits of our brand-new SIDACCESS program by choosing one of the items from this exclusive collection: discounted prices and reduced delivery times.

Spruce wood sidings

Models for every style

SIDACCESS offers you a range of spruce wood products in our most popular designs. Choose the Rabbeted Bevel model for a more traditional look that adds a multi-dimensional aspect to the siding. Opt for the V-joint model for a modern and minimalist appearance that provides a unique look. Select the Chic model for unparalleled versatility that suits all architectural styles!


Discounted prices

We have significantly lowered the prices on some of our spruce wood products that are among the most popular and cherished by our customers.

Reduced delivery times

By selecting a product from the SIDACCESS range, you also gain access to reduced delivery times, allowing you to complete your construction projects more quickly.

Exceptional customer service

At SIDEX, we take pride in offering you high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Save money with our program while still enjoying the excellence you expect from SIDEX.

Sidings for every project

Optez pour l'intemporalité des revêtements de bois

Opt for a natural, timeless touch. Our unique exterior siding products offer a variety of aesthetic choices. With their superior quality, our high-end products are durable and weather-resistant, offering a long-term cladding solution for your project.

Opt for a warm, classic look. Our unique interior coverings offer a variety of choices, for every décor. It's the ideal option for small and large spaces alike.

Every project is unique, and our experts are here to help you every step of the way.
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