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Rabbeted Bevel Siding

All about our rabbeted bevel model

Our rabbeted bevel model offers a smooth, uniform appearance, minimizing visible imperfections. This model is specially designed to ensure easy installation and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Whether you want to create a modern or traditional look, our declining model is an excellent option.

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A more traditional model.

Its triangular shape adds a multi-dimensional look to the siding.

The model that best conceals installation discrepancies or possible movement.

Horizontal only.

Available in 4", 6" and 8".

Please note: Grooved models and those wider than 6" require exposed nails.

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SIDEX siding products can completely transform the appearance of your home. With modern, elegant designs, these claddings add a touch of sophistication and style to your property.

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Although there are a number of technical aspects to consider, installation is relatively simple. Whether the siding is installed by a homeowner or an expert, it is essential that it be installed as described in our installation guide for warranties to apply.

In addition to having the color customized, SIDEX offers you the possibility of having a 100% customized product made to your specifications: species, dimensions, profile, length, we can make anything to order (minimum quantities may be required).

As we are known for our higher length ratios, we have chosen to leave this specification optional.

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