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Our Products: A Guarantee of Quality

At SIDEX, our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our mission. It is with great excitement that we introduce our new program, SIDACCESS. This opportunity allows you to choose from our carefully curated selection of the most popular and beloved spruce products by our customers, all at preferential rates and with fast delivery times.


Options for Every Taste

Our commitment with this program is to blend quality, aesthetics, and savings. Within our collection, you'll find models suited to various architectural styles. The Rabbeted bevel model offers a traditional aesthetic that adds a unique dimension to your siding. For those who prefer a modern and streamlined look, the V-joint model is an ideal choice, while the Chic model ensures exceptional versatility that harmonizes with diverse architectures.

We also offer a range of textures choices, enabling you to configure the appearance of your siding. Choose between the rough texture, providing an authentic natural texture, and the brushed texture, adding a touch of subtle sophistication. Furthermore, our options for opaque or two-tone finishes allow you to personalize your outdoor space according to your preferences and style.


From Our Factory to Your Site

With SIDACCESS, the perfect blend of style, quality, and savings is at your fingertips. Explore our SIDACCESS collection today to find the spruce product that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences—all without compromising your budget or timelines. Reach out to us now to receive a personalized quote!


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