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The finishes are protections affixed to the wooden covering to improve its resistance to bad weather. They protect in particular against UV rays, wind and rain. Depending on the texture of the wood and your personal preferences, you can choose from more opaque or transparent finishes.

The opaque finish

An opaque finish covers the wood with a thick layer of protection that partially obscures the natural appearance of the material. The texture of the wood remains visible, but the original color is masked. However, the choice of colors is varied and the hues offered are rich and modern. In addition, the opaque finish is more durable than other finishes and requires less maintenance in the long run. Since the protection contains more solids, it offers better resistance against UV rays and the natural elements.

The opaque finish is easy to touch up and reproduce. Thus, if a few boards of the siding are damaged, repairs or replacements will go unnoticed.

The two-tone finish

The two-tone finish is achieved by layering two protective layers of different colors. The goal is to create a durable siding that evokes semi-transparent finishes. SIDEX Group experts recommend using the two-tone finish when looking for an intermediate protection between those of the opaque and semi-transparent finishes, which allows the compromise between the durability of one and the natural appearance of the other.

However, the two-tone finish is achieved primarily through the factory-made color layering. Thus, if you have to touch up on site or replace a few planks of your siding in the future, it will be more difficult to produce the same result manually.

The semi-transparent finish

The semi-transparent finish is used primarily with wood species that have naturally rich color nuances and texture. This finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood and highlights the richness of the grain. However, it does not protect as well as other finishes. To prevent siding wear, new topcoats should be applied every 4 to 8 years. Fortunately, the semi-transparent finish is easy to reapply, however.

The "Lifetime" treatment

SIDEX Group offers the “Lifetime” treatment for its cedar exterior siding. Unlike other finishes, this technique does not involve applying a protective coat to the wood. The "Lifetime" treatment is rather an organic impregnation product that promotes aging and graying of the wood. This technique brings out the natural aestheticism of the wood and allows it to age without the need for maintenance. Cedar planks treated with the "Lifetime" finish will take on a grayish tint over time.

Since the “Lifetime” treatment uses fewer products to protect the wood, its ecological footprint is also much smaller.

For each finish, SIDEX Group offers many color possibilities. In addition, the company offers a custom color creation service at no additional cost or delay. For more information on SIDEX finishes, please feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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