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Given its unique characteristics, it’s no surprise that so many sidings attempt to mimic real wood. Here are five reasons why this noble material remains unbeatable despite the evolution of new technologies.

1. The texture and patterns of the wood

Nothing equals the richness of its natural texture, its smell, its wase of being shaped and the uniqueness of its patterns. The repetitive and unnatural patterns of imitation materials often betray the failure of the resemblance attempt.

2. The wood is 100% natural

With real wood…what you see is what you have on both sides of the material, nothing hidden nothing concealed. No synthetic of artificial material goes into its composition, nothing is hidden behind a surface with beautiful appearances. What naturalness ‘’from edge to edge’’!

3.Wood repairs itself

Indeed, in case of scratch, impact or any damage, it does not reveal anything unknown or fragile to the elements beneath its surface. Wood has the advantage of retouching and servicing indefinitely compared to many other imitation materials. As an example, we can think of hardwood floors that can be sanded and stained for decades, while still retaining their old world charm.

4. Wood is timeless

Imitation siding often have this less practical side of being just a passing fashion. Respected and used for hundreds of years around the world, wood certainly retains its letters of nobility over time!

5. Wood stands out

Finally, just like the floors, a house covered with a noble siding such as wood stands out from the others and offers added value during potential resale.

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