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Maintenance-free, natural wood siding: mission possible!

You read it right! You can enjoy the natural beauty of wood without having to stain or paint it repeatedly. How? By purchasing SIDEX's eastern white cedar siding or western red cedar, with factory-applied Lifetime® treatment.

What is it?

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, Lifetime® is a naturally protective treatment for wood that is plant-based and mineral-based. It is safe for wildlife, plants and humans.

How does it work?

Although color selection or adjustment is not possible with this product, the treatment triggers a wood coloring process that, over time, will present a hue that can range from brown to silver gray, depending on the wood species. Rain and sun rays are essential factors in the natural transition process that will give it that permanent patina, which will not peel over time. So no need to re-treat the wood, even after many years.

Benefits of factory-applied treatments

As there are many potential contamination sources on job sites, it is best to have your siding protected before delivery, to maximize its effectiveness.

But above all, because the product is impregnated in our factory, each board is fully coated and protected. Front and back surfaces, grooves and cavities, everything is covered. Our production line then provides uniform oven drying for each board. In addition to the benefit of indoor conditions, which are more favourable than outdoor conditions, labour costs are generally lower than on the job site.


In short, there are many reasons for selecting SIDEX's Lifetime® factory-protected siding. Contact us today for a quote.

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