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Like all other types of exterior siding, wood requires appropriate maintenance measures. Contrary to what one might think, the maintenance of a wood siding is very simple and undemanding. However, it is true that more vigilance must be exercised against any deterioration of the material in order to detect sources of degradation as early as possible and to remedy them quickly.

In this article, SIDEX Group offers you some recommendations to ensure the proper maintenance of your siding. For more details on the subject, visit our website or contact one of our experts directly.


It is advisable to check periodically whether deposits or dirt residues have accumulated on your exterior siding. If so, all you have to do is clean the siding with a garden hose. If that's not enough to loosen all the dirt, more stubborn dirt can be scrubbed off with a soft bristle brush and neutral PH soap.

Under no circumstances should you use a pressure washer, as you could void the manufacturer's warranty on your siding.

Scratches, chipping and dents

Stones thrown by a mower, impacts, sunlight and many other elements can cause damage to an exterior wood siding.

When an area of ​​the siding lets the wood see unprotected or if there are signs of wear, a quick repair is needed. Otherwise greater problems could arise and lead to the premature degradation of the coating.

To remedy the situation, simply apply a new coat of paint to the affected area. Preferably, a touch-up product supplied by the manufacturer or your supplier should be used.


Be aware that most stains, like those in SIDEX, are warranted against chipping, blistering and cracking. However, some are not insured against discoloration.

Before choosing a stain, therefore, be aware that colors with a high concentration of pigments are more likely to fade over time.


Mold appears as black spots on the siding. It is often caused by a source of moisture or bad weather. To find out if a stain is truly mold, you can apply a solution of four parts water and one part bleach to the area. Then wait about ten minutes and rinse with a hose before the surface is completely dry. If this method allows you to get rid of the black spots without damaging the finish of the coating, repeat the operation on all affected areas.

The rotting

Wood siding installed in accordance with the instructions in the Installation Guide carries little risk of rotting. Causes of decay include direct and prolonged contact with water, or improper installation. In these situations, or if the installation is not compliant, your siding may not be covered by the warranty.

If, however, the exterior siding was installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and signs of rot appear, contact your supplier as soon as possible so that they can take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

If you have an exterior siding project in mind, do not hesitate to contact the experts at SIDEX Group or visit our website.

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