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All SIDEX exterior wood siding is manufactured at our Magog factory, which gives us complete control over the quality and layout of the products. The siding boards, corners, moldings and nails are all processed and painted in one place. So you get the perfect fit and unmatched quality every time.

The SIDEX exterior wood siding manufacturing process

The preparation

We order the raw lumber directly from the sawmills and send it to a drying center to ensure we get the optimum moisture content for the durability and stability of the wood siding. This step is entrusted to experts who benefit from adequate facilities for this essential and above all very precise process. Wood that is too dry or too wet could cause the wood siding to crack or twist with the seasons and several studies have been carried out over time to avoid these undesirable effects. This is where preparation really makes sense.


The siding in process is then sent to our factory in Magog where it is processed, using machines fitted with specialized knives, to match the model, or profile, you ordered. It is at this stage that the mundane pieces of wood become exterior wood siding planks in the form of v-joint, decline, chic or whatever.

It is relevant to know that all of our wood siding models are designed with the aim of optimizing each piece and thus creating as little waste as possible. We can therefore optimize the yield of our natural resources and thus limit our ecological footprint.


If the texture chosen is raw, the boards are ready to go to the finish, that is to say receive the stain or the chosen protection product.

The brushed texture for its part is the result of a mechanical brushing operation where we exploit the difference in hardness in natural wood according to the growth rings of the tree. Brushing then makes it possible to remove the softer wood on the surface, thus creating linear ridges throughout the pieces. As wood is a variable material in its composition, no part will look the same. The main purpose of brushing is to soften the appearance of the wood surface while preparing it for a proper finish.

Finally, the sandblasted texture is the result of a mechanical sandblasting operation that evens out the surface of the parts. The level of sanding (grain) is determined according to best known practices to achieve the desired appearance while not unduly reducing the performance of the finishing products.


When the wood has taken its final shape, it is transferred to the automated painting line where it is coated with the product which protects it on all of its 6 sides. All parameters are monitored and controlled: the speed at which the board travels, the thickness of the product applied, the drying time, the humidity level, etc. Everything is in place to ensure optimal coverage and perfect rendering.

The wood siding therefore receives two coats of stain and is well dried between each. When it arrives at the end of the automated line, the wood siding boards are tempered and packed. ready to be delivered to your job site!

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