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Regardless of the region, wood is an increasingly popular construction material. Architects use it to fabricate building structures, but also for interior and exterior siding. In addition to providing a timeless aesthetic and great resistance to weathering, exterior wood siding is durable, varied and often ecological.

The durability and resistance of exterior wood siding

Contrary to popular belief, wood isn't the most expensive exterior siding material, but neither is it the most affordable. However, real wood generally has a longer life cycle than most exterior siding materials. Thus, if the maintenance of the wood is regular, the wood is a better investment in the long term.

The timeless aesthetics of wood

Wood is a material of choice for many architects. It complements most architectural styles and pairs easily with other materials. Whether the house is contemporary, country or heritage, wood brings a natural and warm touch. In addition, the many options of finishes, stains and textures allow you to create original and varied sets.

The many types of wood available

Depending on the specifics of an exterior siding project, the different species available in Quebec will be more or less recommended. Some of the most popular include cedar, pine, spruce and larch. Each species requires slightly different maintenance and its resistance to the natural elements will be different.

An ecological choice

Indeed, many exterior wood coverings meet strict standards for the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of ecosystems. However, not all types and qualities of wood are truly environmentally friendly. You have to check the origin of the wood and look for international certifications like FSC and PEFC. When wood meets international and Canadian standards for forest regeneration, then it is one of the most environmentally friendly choices on the market today.

An interview not so complicated

Although wood requires frequent maintenance, an owner will not have difficulty keeping this material in good condition. It is enough to do a careful inspection before and after winter so that you can spot signs of wear and make the necessary repairs at the right time. The goal is to prevent water infiltration and remove all traces of mold before they cause more serious structural problems. In addition, it is easy to replace a board broken or damaged by the elements of nature. Thus, in an accident, the owner can repair the affected area without having to purchase a complete siding.

If you have an exterior siding project in mind or if you simply want more information about the various products offered by SIDEX Group, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and guide you to the siding that best suits your personal situation, your budget and your preferences.

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